Share your story

We know that many of you will want to share your own mental health story, either as part of Time to Talk Day or even as part of your own campaigning. To help guide you, Mind has put together a short series of videos where we ask experts for tips on how to engage your local community.

Why your story matters

In the first video, we meet Nikki and Sabika. They have experience of sharing their stories publicly and talk about why sharing your story matters too.

Speaking to the media

In the second video, Linda from Media Trust has some advice on how to approach a journalist.

Engaging your local Member of Parliament

In the final video, Ollie looks at different ways to reach out to your MP and how to get the most out of your conversation.

How to take part

You could host a tea and talk event in your community centre, put some posters up on a community notice board, run a lunch and learn in the office. It can be as simple as texting a friend. However you do it, make space for a conversation on Time to Talk Day.

From community walks to tea and talk events, use these ideas to help you organise activities in your community.
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Find out how you can share your story in your local community.

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