How to take part

Time to Talk Day takes place every February, and we need your help to get the nation talking about mental health.

Talking and listening about mental health has the power to change lives. Each conversation we have contributes to reducing mental health stigma, helping to create supportive communities where we can talk openly about mental health and feel empowered to seek help when we need it.

There are lots of ways to get involved, from sharing on social media using #TimeToTalk and having conversations with your friends and family, to organising activity and events in your community. Here are some suggestions to help you plan how you’ll support Time to Talk Day.

However you do it, have a conversation about mental health.

Remember that just like everything else, your Time to Talk Day activities must comply with government coronavirus guidance. We will all need to be a little bit flexible when it comes to planning. You can find the latest guidance here.

From community walks to tea and talk events, use these ideas to help you organise activities in your community.
Get your athletes, coaches, fans and local community talking by checking out our handy suggestions.
Make Time to Talk Day a key fixture in your organisation’s calendar by looking through our suggestions.
Check out our suggestions to help spark conversations in schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups.

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