Get your workplace talking

Time to Talk Day is all about opening up the conversation about mental health. Whether it’s one-to-one or with a large group, there are countless ways we can get talking within the workplace.

Lunch and learn

Run a lunch and learn session in person, or virtually, to teach your colleagues more about mental health and how to support each other. If anyone within the organisation is happy to talk about their own experiences, this can be a great way to bring the issue to life. Download our resources to support your event.


Talking about mental health doesn’t need to be boring. You can organise a quiz with mental health questions weaved in, or download our bingo card or true or false activity to start conversations in an innovative way.

Walk and talk

Side by side conversations can make talking about mental health feel less awkward. Organise a walk and talk event for your colleagues to get out and about on Time to Talk Day. Check out our tips for talking to help break the ice.

Digital assets

Use our email signatures and video call backgrounds to help spread the word about Time to Talk Day and encourage conversations within your organisation and externally. These would work well in newsletters, email comms and intranet posts.

Spread the message

As an employer, you can create an open environment for your staff and colleagues. But you can also spread the message to your external audiences. Get your customers talking about mental health online by sharing some of our social media posts. Remember to use #TimeToTalk

We’d love to hear what you’re planning for Time to Talk Day. Share online and tag with #TimeToTalk.


How to take part

You could host a tea and talk event in your community centre, put some posters up on a community notice board, run a lunch and learn in the office. It can be as simple as texting a friend. However you do it, make space for a conversation on Time to Talk Day.

From community walks to tea and talk events, use these ideas to help you organise activities in your community.
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Make Time to Talk Day a key fixture in your organisation’s calendar by looking through our suggestions.
Check out our suggestions to help spark conversations in schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups.
Find out how you can share your story in your local community.

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